2010 is almost gone. It has been a good year with many new developments, but now it’s time to start looking forward. So here is my $0.02 on what I think the new year will have in store for us:

  • I predict we will see networking products become more tightly integrated with virtualization products such as VMware. Some companies are already starting to deliver products which integrate with vCenter, but I expect to see many more.

  • TRILL/SPB will gain traction and we might possibly see it start to be implemented towards the end of the 2011.

  • I’m going to step out there and say that FCoE won’t gain much traction in 2011. I think protocols such as iSCSI or NFS will continue to improve, and we may see the development of a new protocol.

  • Frame relay will continue to die a slow death at the hands of MPLS.

Any my personal resolutions for 2011:

  • Get that CCNP and JNCIS. I’d like to have these completed by summer time so I can begin reading for my CCIE studies.

  • Really understand MPLS.

  • Make time for my family. I’m going to be having a baby in 2011 and I am going to make that my #1 priority.

Well I think that’s it. Happy New Years Everyone!