For reasons I can’t begin to comprehend the idea of consumption has been on my mind. I’ve been acutely aware of the type of consumer that I’ve become. It goes beyond just consuming material possessions, but consuming social media, consuming TV media, even lately consuming radio media. Something clicked, or a series of clicks occurred where I’ve begun to have a heightened sense of just how much I consume.

As I’ve become more aware of this consumption I begin to visualize it as an actual thing. I’m able to sit and question and contemplate this consumption as if it were some piece of abstract art. I begin to question why there is so much consumption. What is the motivation behind the consumption? I begin to question the how of the consumption. Is this the best way to be consuming? I start questioning the very reasoning of the consumption. Maybe I’m consuming to much? Maybe now this consumption has lost its appeal?

When that consumption adds up it begins to weigh on the scale of life counter to what we create. Think about that. If we take more than we give, what kind of world are we creating?

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