Work-Life Balance

In the past few months I’ve graduated college, started a new job, achieved the next technical certification, but most importantly I’ve become a father. Each day I barely have time to catch my breath before I wake up and start all over. Becoming a father has caused me to pause and re-assess my situation, to re-evaluate my priorities.

I began to think about this “work-life balance” and just how crazy the notion is. Since when did work start competing with LIFE? Life is the only real thing. Our families and living should not be competing with work for our time and attention.

I don’t just mean that we should just be focusing more on our families, but we should also be taking care of ourselves, both physically and spiritually. We all know that sitting in a chair from 8-5 isn’t exactly improving our physique.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that work isn’t important, or that we shouldn’t strive to be the best at whatever it is we choose to do. What I am saying is that we should not forget the reason why we are working.

Enjoy life.